Although IP Viper  is simplicity in itself to use, there are lots of useful features and settings that can be utilised to get the best out of the software.You can find some of these features below.




The main settings tab gives  options to configure your own proxies , if you wish, by either entering a single known good proxy or adding multiple IP’s in a table.These additional proxies added are combined with those found by Viper searhcing for new proxies and are added to the proxy list available to check against any websites of preference.The other main setting is the add a website option, whereby the user can add specific sites they intend to visit with the software and the proxies available will be checked against these specific sites to reliability.

The about tab has a handy option to enter your Viper license key to activate a new license.The other 2 options contain helpful links to informational pages within the IP Viper site.


The search tab allows the user to quickly switch between the scanned results in the table to any stored/saved proxies that th euser has previously saved from recent scans.



The display filter allows the user to sort the scan results in any  order of priority they prefer ie, proxy location or speed/response time.

IP Viper is designed to make hiding behind a proxy simple and quick .These little features however make it easy to customise your searches and scan results whichever way you want.

And once the scan is complete you simply highlight an IP of choice from the table and then click “USE FAKE IP” to be hidden from prying eyes!








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